At Malwa Electrical & Solar, we work hard to ensure all of our clients are happy. As a result, we are incredibly proud of our portfolio, which you can view below.

Our past projects cover a range of sectors, including:
● Environment
● Solar Systems
● Residential
● Agriculture
● Commercial

Energy optimisation for residential projects

The technologies offered by our team and used in the projects below allows homeowners to understand their energy usage more comprehensively. Through all of our services, we work to provide a range of useful ways to monitor your energy consumption, allowing you to tweak your habits and intelligently control your energy.

We follow a rigorous engineering process in the design and installation of your grid connected Solar PV System, the workings of which are actually quite simple.

The process of helping homeowners to become more energy independent is a worthwhile venture, and our team strive to help the people of Canberra and Australia to become more aware of their own energy needs and habits for a more sustainable future.

We are here to help you make more well-informed energy usage decisions, from when best to use certain appliances, to ensuring your solar system is generating the right amount of energy to be used effectively.

Why go on solar?

Making use of this new technology and our expertise in installation and solar technologies means an environmentally-friendly way for your home to generate more power than it consumes. This means lower or no more electricity bills! We ensure the most up-to-date battery technology to get the maximum out your solar storage system.

Going Solar means

• Lower energy bills
• Added value to your home
• The storing of free generated energy into your storage system
• A reduction of your Carbon Footprint

The MALWA process

1. You contact us registering your interest in solar
2. One of our Solar experts has a consultation with you
3. Together we make the selection of the best product according to your needs and requirements
4. We choose a suitable date for the installation
5. We set up your new smart inverter
6. One final consultation on how to use your system and energy to benefit more

We would love to add your project to the portfolio of work you see below. Malwa Electrical & Solar offer expert services with products from well-known and trusted brands. Call today, and one of our experienced solar specialists will discuss the best options for your home, helping you to learn more about energy optimisation and sustainable living.