Considering investing in a solar battery storage? You’re on to something. Let’s see why…
Installing a solar battery helps in storing that excess solar electricity, instead of reverting it back to the grid. What this does is, you get to use the stored energy as and when you require, like when your solar panels aren’t producing enough electricity due to weather conditions or any other factor which is unavoidable. And speaking of longevity, they last about 10-15 years which is way more than any other energy saver.
When does Malwa electricals come into picture? Our expert team at Malwa provide you with an all- in-one solution using the best battery technology, securing your electrical independence and powering your home with the right solar battery storage unit.
Besides this, installing a solar battery storage in your home in Canberra Is beneficial, as you may be eligible for discounted energy storage through the Next Generation Energy Storage Program (NextGen) introduced through the ACT government.
We’ll tell you more in detail about the NextGen program at the end of this article, but first, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of having battery storage, in case you’re wondering as to how it can be a useful upgrade to your home?

Solar battery storage benefits -

1. Make use of the power to its fullest potential

In general standards, solar panels are installed on your home, and the system is plugged into the grid. In case your panels don’t produce enough energy, for whatever reason, power is drawn from the grid, which is similar to paying for energy, if you didn’t have panels installed.
The difference with solar batteries is that, the excess power gets stored in the battery and this extra power can be used as per your convenience by drawing directly from it.

2. Energy Security

Depending on the area, the grid can sometimes be unstable and it could pose difficulties when power needs to be drawn. Solar batteries on the other hand, are at your disposal no matter the demographics.

3. Reducing your home’s carbon footprint

One of the most important factors! Its environmentally friendly. And “Go green” is the only way to go in order to reduce the pollution. Reducing your home’s carbon footprint brings it closer to self-sufficiency. Now, isn’t that what we all desire for our homes?

4. Easier to monitor the energy used

A solar storage system helps you to keep better track of the energy your system is generating, giving you an advanced level of transparency and precision. In other words, they allow you to track the energy produced in real time.

5. Eliminates noise pollution

Solar battery storage systems don’t create noise pollution, unlike generators which is a desirable factor as it keeps the surrounding pleasant and noise-free. Solar battery storage can most definitely be considered a unique upgradation for anyone who currently have the generator system owing to its many advantages.

6. Reduced electricity bills

Another big benefit of using solar battery storage is that, they help you save on your electricity costs. You can not only avoid the fees associated with electricity retailers but also be self-sufficient by saving the electricity generated.

7. Selling it back to the grid

While a solar battery can save the excess energy to use later, the solar PV system provided by Malwa helps you store the energy and sell it back to the grid if and when you require support services.

You may be sold on the merits of having a solar battery storage but might be apprehensive about the costs. Like we mentioned in the beginning of the article, let us tell you a little about how the NextGen program can benefit you financially as well.
Under this program, the ACT government is authorised to support 5,000 battery storage systems in ACT homes and businesses. The current battery rebate us $3,500 Ex Gst or 50% of the battery price- whichever is the lowest.

Why choose Malwa Electricals for your battery storage solutions?
After spending a considerable amount of time in the business, we at Malwa Electricals have taken the time to associate with the best brands and companies to work with. The battery storage products we offer are top notch in quality, are well trusted and tested.
By understanding your energy usage at your household, as qualified system providers, we will hook you up with the right solar battery storage product as well as help you calculate your potential savings as part of the analysis.

Get in touchwith us to know more about what would be the right fit for your household.