Due to the clear blue skies present for most of the year, Canberra is considered one of the best places to go solar. Their ever-improving economies make it even more ideal for residents to switch to solar energy for their homes.
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If you’re pondering the thought as to why solar energy, here are some basic facts that you need to know. Solar energy is renewable, sustainable, and abundant. The cost of using solar power to produce electricity is remarkably going down every year, so it’s an upside to switch to solar energy for your home and, of course, as it has the least negative impact on the environment, all the more reason to do so.

Here are some major benefits of going solar-

1. Cost-cutting

Solar energy helps lower monthly utility bills by a huge margin and is also a long-term, low- risk investment for anyone looking to reduce electricity costs. In addition to that, you can make money by selling the unused electricity that you have generated back to the grid.

2. Environmental impact

When compared to any other energy source, solar energy has the least impact on the environment. It reduces greenhouse gas emissions like CO2 substantially, as well as many other pollutants, and doesn’t pollute the water. It requires very little water for its maintenance compared to nuclear power plants, for example, which require 20x more water. The absence of noise is another major benefit, given the fact that a lot of installations could be in urban areas.

3. Solar energy is easily deployable

Solar energy can be used everywhere as long as there is sunshine. This aspect is useful when electricity needs to be produced in remote areas where there is no access to other sources of energy. There are many areas where people suffer from the loss of electricity. The use of solar energy in such areas is a boon.

4. Adds value to your space.

Solar panels are considered an upgrade to your home, so getting solar energy into your home increases your home’s value. A solar battery can help a typical household save up to 640 AUD a year. The more solar panels are present, the higher the value of your home, increasing approximately 6,000 dollars per kilowatt of solar energy.

5. Maximum energy produced during peak hours

Most of the heavyweight work is usually carried out in the 7:00 to 10:00 and 4:00 – 7:00 pm time frame. Naturally, electricity peaks during these hours. The clear blue skies of Canberra mean brimming sunshine, powers solar batteries to their fullest during the peak hours and helps reach maximum production capacity during this time.

6. Utilize the solar rebate.

According to the ACT Govt. Home Energy Support, eligible homeowners get an extra rebate of up to $5,000 along with a zero-interest loan of up to 15,000 under the sustainable Household scheme.

7. Time saving

A solar panel system is very durable. Solar panel arrays and systems require very minimal maintenance and low-cost upgrades. If taken care of in the right manner, a single system can even last for 30 years.

8. Job creation

Switching to solar power systems helps aid the economy as well. The need for skilled and trained workers helps bring out the talent in an important and growing field.

9. Decreased energy loss during long-distance transportation

Energy lost during transportation and distribution may not appear to be significant on their own, but they can have an impact on installation performance in high-density areas.Having solar panels installed on the roof or in the yard reduces the distance between them, thereby increasing solar panel efficiency.

10. It improves grid security.

A grid that has a high penetration of solar energy would have plenty of production centres that are widely spread out. In the event of overload or natural or human caused disasters, this improves grid security.

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